ISSN 1392-8295 (Print), 2335-2388 (Online)


Respectus Philologicus is a philological periodical dealing with problems of grammar, semantics, semiotics, syntax (H 352), general and comparative literature, literary criticism, and literary theory (H 390). The main languages of the journal are English, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian. Respectus PhilologicusRespectus Philologicus publishes scholarly articles, translations, reviews, overviews, and discussions of philological research in the region. The focalization of the journal is conduced to closer cooperation on its pages all scholars (linguists, literary critics, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, historians and anthropologists, etc.) who are interested in different facets of and different language units with world and its place in the life of language community. The journal is supposed to be not only regional but also of interdisciplinary character with linguistics integrating different disciplines. The leading trend is supposed to be the analysis of different discursive practices. Consequently, the journal mainly concentrates on cognitive analysis of discourses (fiction, political, scientific, etc.), cognitive strategies of translation, rhetorical problems of communication, semiotic analysis of a text, analysis of political, social and cultural phenomena in different social environments. The journal is included in the international databases CEEOL (2005), EBSCO (2006), MLA (2007), Index Copernicus (2008), Lithuanian (2011), Linguistic Bibliography Online (2012), Ulrichs (2013). The authors of the journal are from more than 20 countries around the world.







The periodical is published twice a year: April 25, October 25. Submissions for the autumn issue are accepted until June 1, and for the spring issue until December 1.

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